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A picture I took while on a walking trail in Pine Park.

Life at Dartmouth can move pretty quickly, especially given the fast-pace of the quarter system. One thing that I've been doing to slow down and appreciate the special moments of the Dartmouth experience is taking photos—a lot of photos. Here are some moments from the fall term that I really loved and little bit of context behind them.

A picture of me sitting on a tree while on a hike.
My friend Meggie took this picture of me while we were hiking Mt. Ascutney in Vermont. This was a super fun hike we went on through the Dartmouth Outing Club that allowed us to hang out outdoors, all for free!

A picture of the Homecoming bonfire.
During Homecoming, the Green is transformed as a massive bonfire is built right in the center. As a '24, we didn't have the opportunity to experience Homecoming last year, so we got to do all the traditional Dartmouth things: like walking around the bonfire. This is a picture I took during our lap, which felt like a really special moment for our class.

A picture I took at a concert.
This term, I also really got to explore the areas surrounding Hanover. This is a picture I took at a 100 Gecs concert in Burlington, which was a super fun way to get out of the Hanover bubble and see a new city, all while listening to some pretty interesting music.

A picture of Tuck Mall.
This is a picture of a BEAUTIFUL sunset on Tuck Mall, the street where I've lived since arriving at Dartmouth. The West House dorms are all located near Tuck Mall and I really love getting a stellar view of the mountains while on my very short commute/walk home.

A picture I took near the Connecticut River on a sunny day.
My last—and favorite—picture is from sunny day I spend hanging out near the Connecticut River with my friend Peyton. On a random Tuesday where neither of us had class, we decided to ditch our homework and hang up our hammocks near the river. We had so much fun hanging out in Pine Park, which is definitely my favorite spot on campus and a perfect example of Dartmouth's amazing location.

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