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Old Skool Cafe sign

In the fall term, I auditioned for the acapella groups at Dartmouth. There are eight groups on campus: three all-male groups, three all-female groups, and two co-ed (all genders) groups. At Dartmouth, the audition process for all groups were held at once, meaning that I auditioned for every group (except for the all-male groups). Through that process, I chose the Rockapellas! The Rockapellas are an all-female acapella group with the mission to spread social justice through performing "freedom songs" at their shows, songs that voice a specific issue.

The freshmen in the group ( me!). We're called Pebbles! (get it, Rocks?)

We rehearse three times a week for two hours each! Throughout the term, we performed in sorority and fraternity houses, and in the winterim, the group organized a trip to San Francisco, where we performed our songs, along with some Christmas classics. It was an amazing experience rehearsing with, performing with, and just hanging out with the members of the group, and I'm so thankful to be a part of this group!

Old Skool Cafe Group Photo
We performed at the Old Skool Café, a non-profit supper club with a 1920s speakeasy theme! The Café is known for helping at-risk youth via employment.
Group Photo in House
We also performed at some private parties (many attendees were Dartmouth alums!). At this party, we were able to talk to one of the founding members of the Rockapellas, which was established in 1989!
Group Photo At Alumni Event
We also had the opportunity to perform at a San Francisco alumni event!
Group Photo in San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco!

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