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A view from the 4th floor from Fairchild, it's during sunset and so the concrete pillars are beautifully lit up.

​If you were to come to Dartmouth and ask the students about their favorite study spots, you would hear many different answers. I don't want to claim that everyone else is wrong; I suggest I am more right. : ) 

I firmly believe that the best study spot at Dartmouth is the 4th floor of the Sherman Fairchild Physical Sciences Center. 

Why? You ask, it's simple:


First and foremost, Fairchild's connection to the Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science buildings is incredibly convenient. Additionally, various cutting-edge research projects happen here; this is the spot for those who are like me and appreciate being where the action happens. 


Fairchild offers a limited number of tables, approximately ten. While this might be a drawback if all spots are occupied upon your arrival, it has advantages if you do secure a table. Once you secure a place, you'll enjoy a more private, quiet, and peaceful environment. Not to say the building is small, but if you seek the best view, you want a spot on the top floor. 


As depicted in the cover picture, the building boasts massive windows that provide stunning views, ample natural light, and an overall sense of freedom. Though seemingly ordinary, the rest of the structure's concrete and brick design aids in maintaining focus on schoolwork. Arriving just before sunset even treats you to a free light show. What sets this study spot apart is its connection with nature—a vital aspect proven to decrease stress and improve mental health and memory recall.

I find that Dartmouth's students do well academically while also being rated as one of the happiest colleges in the US. I am a prime example of this. In high school, I felt I was always working under extreme pressure, yet at Dartmouth, the work can be demanding, but it does not stress me out as much—thanks to the incredible study spots and ample opportunities to get outside. 

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