People silhouetted on the summit of Moosilauke
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The image presented is of me climbing in a blue jacket, and dark pant's 30 feet about ground

Choosing a college is a major decision. It determines not just your activities but also your lifestyle. It is crucial to consider what you want your life to look like when considering where you want to go to college. 

I often find myself blogging about the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). Although this is a massive part of my Dartmouth experience, that is not the case for everyone—my day-to-day involves a lot of activism, outdoors, and a bit of research! I've realized that the DOC plays a significant role in my daily life here, not because I'm out on DOC trips every other day, but because it provides me with a vital break from academics. I sometimes struggle to "zoom out" and see the bigger picture, which would help distance me from my minor day-to-day challenges; this is why the DOC proves invaluable to me. Regardless of my mood, I sign up for trips and make a concerted effort to get outside—unless it directly conflicts with my courses.

Currently, I climb once a week as part of a "lead class"—a program run by experienced climbers that teaches new members of the Dartmouth Mountain Climbing (DMC) essential skills for climbing over six consecutive weeks. The goal is to teach DMC members "lead climbing," which involves the lead climber attaching their rope to bolts fixed in the rock, requiring intense focus and physical engagement—so much so that I'm too focused on not falling to worry about anything else. Through these courses and climbing trips, I have found that climbing is one of the few activities I do purely for enjoyment!

Ultimately, whether you're into climbing or some other hobby, the key is to engage in activities that allow you to appreciate life fully. After nearly a year at Dartmouth—and having made friends across various clubs, greek spaces, and other social groups—I believe most people can find something at Dartmouth that ignites their passion for life. It is vital to ensure that Dartmouth—or any college you choose—will have something you love to do outside the classroom.

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