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The main ice sculpture – featuring a huge broken pirate ship!

Every year winter comes; it is as inevitable as midterms and final examinations. Hanover is slowly invaded by frost, temperatures plunge, snow piles up on the Green, and students don coats and scarves to make the brave walk to Foco ('53 Commons). In the bleak midwinter, however, there is a warmth that permeates campus—halfway through the term, we have the Winter Carnival! This is an awesome event that ties together generations of Dartmouth students, and it's an opportunity to take advantage of the seasonal activities that can only be enjoyed in the winter! 

This year, the theme is CARRRRNIVAL—yes, pirates—meaning we have a bunch of pirate-themed activities going on! There have been movie showings at Collis, a Pirate Polar Plunge in Occom Lake, and a live dance and acapella show featuring a bunch of sea shanties! I personally have been involved in the festivities, since my fraternity (Phi Delta Alpha) runs a philanthropic 'chili cookoff' event, where local businesses and student organizations come with their own chili recipe, to be judged by President Hanlon and his wife! 

Ujima Dance Group!
Ujima Performing at Collis!

There have also been an array of intricate and pirate-related ice sculptures being erected along the side of the Green, as students take full advantage of the opportunity to learn the craft from local ice artists and submit pieces for a competition. The highlight, however, has got to be the Polar Plunge. People line up for hours to jump into a hole cut in the ice of Occom Pond, and brave the freezing cold temperatures of a Hanover winter swim! 

So far, anyway, this Winter Carnival has been one for the yearbooks. It always warms my heart to look back at old photos and see students from years past celebrating the same events that we do. It just reminds me of how timeless the Dartmouth experience is. I think one of the greatest things about studying here is that you join a community spanning over 250 years.

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