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Burnham Field at sunset

80% of Dartmouth students are involved in sports - whether that be varsity, club, or intramural - and I am a proud member of the 20% who are not. While I am involved in hip-hop dance and an occasional visit to the gym, I can't say I've ever been all that knowledgeable about sports in general - that is, until this fall!


Recently, a friend of mine invited me to one of the men's varsity soccer games. I had no idea how much sports bring people together, from the collective cheering and booing, to a simple sense of camaraderie as you apologetically climb over people to get back to your seat. Growing up, I had never been big into sports, and though I probably missed out on a lot, I'm glad I am able to experience sports here at Dartmouth.


One of my favorite things is watching my own friends and classmates in their element. These students are not only insanely talented players, but they're inspirations to the next generation of athletes. Upper Valley families can often be seen frequenting Dartmouth sporting events, and I love seeing the little kids excited about the game. Many of Dartmouth's sports teams pair up with young athletes in the area and encourage them to continue doing their best! I think it's amazing that Dartmouth prioritizes connecting with others in the community. We are not just our own entity, but a member of the Upper Valley community as a collective!


Although Dartmouth does not boast a giant stadium like some colleges and universities, I feel that the smaller, more intimate environment allows for more connection between players and fans. We come together to support the school we love so dearly - and this is an activity I definitely won't be giving up any time soon. Fall is getting into full swing, and I will most certainly be found frequenting one of our many sports games!


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