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A photo of the observatory on a snowy day.

I have something to admit: out of three terms that will make up my first year at Dartmouth, I'm most looking forward to the winter term. I think that winter is extremely underappreciated, so I thought that this week, I could share my excitement with you! Here's a preview of my first winter in Hanover, from academics to extracurriculars to outdoor activities! 


In 24W (Dartmouth shorthand for the Winter 2024 term), I'll be taking Latin 2 and Classics 11.17 (Greek Athletics). I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue my study of Latin with the same professor and to combine my passions for sports and ancient history in Greek Athletics. 

I will also be adding a third course during the add/drop period, which opens on January 3rd. During add/drop, a period that occurs during the first ten days of a term, Dartmouth students can enroll and unenroll from courses based on availability. 


In addition to continuing my commitments from last term, I plan to participate in D-LAB. D-LAB stands for the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors Program, a 7-week program that introduces first-year students to the relationship between leadership and personal values. I am excited to engage in this program, where I hope to become a better leader and learn how to foster cooperation among diverse individuals. 

Another activity that I will be adding this term is an internship on the communications staff of Representative Esme Cole, a member of the Vermont House of Representatives. I was offered this opportunity through my involvement in Dartmouth College Democrats, one of my favorite organizations on campus. I can't wait to get some hands-on experience in local government and work with my friends—this term and beyond!


This winter, I plan to continue embracing the Upper Valley and getting outside as often as I can. One way I will be doing this is by taking skiing lessons at the Dartmouth Skiway. This course, offered by the Physical Education department, provides an affordable and accessible way to get into snowsports. I've never skied before, but I signed up with a few of my friends, and we're all excited to try the sport for the first time together. 


Every new season calls for a Dartmouth tradition, and winter is no exception. Winter Carnival is a three-day festival that consists of an ice sculpting competition, snowshoe races, a polar plunge, and more! I love that Dartmouth fosters community and connections among students, alums, and the local community through traditions like Winter Carnival, and I can't wait for February.

All in all, I'm anticipating a great winter term at Dartmouth. Although I know that my days will be jam-packed, I also know that I'll be the good kind of busy–-the kind that makes you feel energized to tackle your tasks and proud of each of your accomplishments. I'll make sure to take time to cozy up with books and a cup of hot cocoa, too. I'll be keeping you updated throughout the term, so I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

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