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A boy and a girl over a tray of broccoli

There are many ways in which you can be part of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) community. You can go on outdoor trips across New Hampshire, and you can also go to other states, like Vermont or Utah (read about my recent DOC adventure in Utah here). You can also be a trip leader (more or trips leaders here.) Or you can be a sub-club's chairman, secretary, treasurer, or any other position Another amazing way to be part of the DOC community is by going to feeds.

Wait. What IS a feed? A feed basically means this: a bunch of people from a given DOC sub-club* gather together, either at someone's apartment or at a Living Learning Community space or at the Rock**, and they cook for everybody in the club. Sub-clubs usually have budgets that allow the "cooks" to buy the needed products. After dinner is prepared, the other members of the sub-club arrive, and all members of the club have dinner together. That's a feed.

I wasn't quite sure what a DOC feed was back in my freshman fall. I remember signing up for a Flora and Fauna feed, but I never actually attended it. The event was in somebody's house, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find it. Also, the very thought of me going to an upperclassman's home and knocking on their door seemed terrifying. So I bailed and never showed up. Big mistake. Feeds are an amazing place to make new friends from all class years and talk to great people while having a home-cooked dinner.

a boy smiling over a sauce pan while cooking
Here's Wyatt, one of the founders of the Flora and Fauna Club, preparing some sauce for the pasta we had.

Now that I've been to a few feeds, I can't really tell you which I enjoy more: going to the feed and talking to people whom I wouldn't have otherwise approached at a regular club meeting or arriving an hour earlier and preparing dinner myself, laughing with friends while chopping onions and bell peppers. They are both great experiences. I don't think I'll be missing out on many other feeds.

A girl cutting a big white onion
Here's Duda, a Cabin and Trail and Flora and Flora leader, helping prepare the FnF dinner


*The Dartmouth Outing Club consists of many sub-clubs: from my favorite Flora and Fauna to Ledyard Canoe Club to the Archery Club to... yup, there are a LOT of sub-clubs.

**The Rock is known as the house where some of the DOC members live. It also used to be home to a charming cat.

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