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A new term brings with it new opportunities to learn, explore, and broaden one's academic horizons. Now settled into Dartmouth, I decided to experiment with my classes,  and expand my areas of interest.

Here are the three courses I've taken this term.

1. PSYC10 (Experimental Design, Methodology, and Data Analysis Procedures)

Psychology 10 is a statistics course that aims to introduce psychology students to the ways that statistics help effectively communicate scientific data related to psychological experiments; in the class, we explore the intricate topics of correlation and causation — the introductory line of the class was: "We are so eager to figure out what causes what that we often get it wrong." That hook was enough to draw me in. Nearly three weeks into class, and I'm excited to overcome my crippling fear of mathematics and turn over a new (pine) leaf. It also helps that the professor is super nice and has been really welcoming! I have this class three times a week at 10 A.M. — a perfect sweet spot of a time: not too early, and not too late.

2. FILM 47.24 (Race & Gender in American Film)

How have the tropes seen in American film over the years influenced the media landscape we see and interact with today? That is the question this super interesting, super unique class at Dartmouth aims to answer. Taught once a week as a 6B on Wednesdays (6:30-9:30 P.M.), Race & Gender in American Film is a super interesting class. The teachings in it percolate beyond the four walls of a classroom — they directly apply in real life. So far, I've been gobsmacked by the way that race portrayals for over 50 years in cinema have had such profound impacts (both positive and negative) on the way American popular culture is now. We watch a film in class each week too, so that's a plus!

3. WGSS 07.04 (Women in Journalism)

After a mandatory First Year Writing course (which I took in the fall), first-years at Dartmouth have to take a First Year Seminar (FYS). My seminar is Women In Journalism, a class that deals with pieces written by extremely brave female reporters across the world. The class also has a 'What Just Happened?' section, which is a rapid dissection of the current news cycle. In just three weeks, I feel like I've become a more conscious, aware global citizen who understands the intricacies of both the news as well as its reporting. I cannot recommend this class enough, and it serves as a perfect emblem of the Dartmouth education: holistic, inter-disciplinary, interesting, and extremely relevant. The class meets 3 times a week, directly after my PSYC10 class!

These are my classes this term, and I'll definitely keep you updated on how they go!

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