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A look at Los Angeles!

This term, I am on a Domestic Study Program for film majors in Los Angeles! My blogs this term are dedicated to recapping my weekly Los Angeles DSP adventures!

Here are four things I did during week 4:

  1. Met industry experts at the Creative Artists Agency: Our Domestic Study Program group was more than thrilled to get to sit down with one of the leading agents from Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where we discussed the pros and cons of the management business, how to enter the industry after college, some funny anecdotes from some very big superstars, and other things. This experience was incredibly beneficial to me—I don't know where else I could've gotten this exposure and networking opportunities like this.
  2. Sat down with the producers of the Golden Globes: This one's a biggie, without a doubt! The entire DSP cohort sat down with various members of Dick Clark Productions, who produce the Golden Globes. They explained the various mechanisms that they had in place, what it actually takes to run a show of that scale, saving the Golden Globes and its recently tarnished reputation, and what award shows meant for cinema at large. It was an important conversation with fascinating figures who've shaped the pomp and show of award shows.
  3. Finally went to the beach: This weekend in Los Angeles had perfect weather! My friends and I went to Santa Monica Beach, where we watched the waves roll in, the sun set, and had some great food in hand! The tacos we had on the pier were incredible, especially considering they were coupled with great weather and great company.
  4. Explored more of LA: I got to explore a lot more of Los Angeles than I thought this past weekend! I went to Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, and I even ventured into Downtown Los Angeles. Though that's not too far from where I am (Burbank), it looks like a completely different city.

In a couple of weeks, I'm doing something super exciting that I can't wait to post about on the blog. See you then!

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