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Kayaking on the River

As we are approaching the home stretch of this term, my friend Tyler asked if I wanted to go to the river with him. Having not been to the river this entire year, I excitedly said yes! After doing some French final presentation work with my partner inside FOCO, I immediately went back to my dorm to change into my swimsuit and headed down to the Ledyard Canoe Club with Tyler. 

The Ledyard Canoe Club, a Dartmouth Outing Club sub-club, also owns a boathouse right on dock by the Connecticut River; it offers various boat/watercraft rentals such as kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. Additionally, rentals with Ledyard are also pretty affordable (with kayaks being $10/hour, paddle boards being $15/hour, and canoes being $20/hour); also, there is a student membership ($50) that offer free kayaks and canoes for a business day or one overnight, and paddleboards for two hours, which is a great deal especially for Sophomore Summer. After getting to the boathouse, we decided to rent kayaks as Tyler's First Year Trip was kayaking, so I thought it would be fun for him to show me the ways as we explored the Connecticut River. 

After hopping into our kayaks and embarking on our kayaking journey, we paddled to the north of the River, then turned around to cross the Ledyard Bridge. I learned that after you pass the bridge, there is an island called Gilman Island, which lies in the middle of the river. At Gilman, there lies a cabin called Titcomb Cabin, which is also owned by Ledyard Canoe Club and also available for us to rent. We paddled around the island, and then back to the boathouse; the journey back felt like such a long way, but we made it back in time for some yummy dinner at the Hop.

In all, I'm really glad that I got to go kayaking and trying at least one watercraft. Back home, there is no river available for me to swim or kayak in, so I felt a lot of appreciation for the Conneticut River and the fulfillment it brings me as I get to enjoy it for another three years.

On the Connecticut River!

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