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The view from the Shattuck Observatory

Money has always been an issue for me and my family, and those concerns were a big priority of mine when I was searching for a college. I've talked about the financial aid aspect of Dartmouth in some other blog posts that I highly recommend you check out (after reading this one of course), so I won't be going into detail about that there. However, I do want to talk about having a job, or in my case, having a few jobs as a college student. I will be 100% transparent when I say that, of the four "jobs" I have here at Dartmouth, none of them seem like actual jobs to me. They aren't chores or tasks for me to complete on a daily basis. Instead, they are positions that I sought out that truly make me a well-rounded student. Having a job here is a unique experience from my perspective, and each job I have is special to me in its own way:

  1. Blogger for Dartmouth Admissions

Of course I must list this one first… how could I not?! Doing this blog has been one of the best experiences of my Dartmouth career so far, and I'm genuinely grateful to have this position. I write one blog post per week throughout the ten-week term along with some training sessions and fun get-togethers with the other bloggers. I truly do not view this as a "job" in the traditional meaning of the word. This blog is a way for me to display my true Dartmouth experience, portray how I'm growing as a person, and perhaps touching some lives along the way.

Me and my fellow bloggers!
Me and my fellow bloggers!

  1. Weather Observer at the Shattuck Observatory

Working at the Shattuck observatory taking weather observations is a position I've had since my first few days on campus during the FYSEP program. Since I was a kid, I've always been utterly fascinated with all aspects of the weather, and still can't believe I have a job taking weather observations. It's certainly a step-up from working at the fast-food restaurant as a highschooler. Every time I walk to the observatory, I'm reminded of just how grateful I should be to have the job. I record temperature and precipitation observations daily, and it's a great way for me to disconnect for a few minutes of my day.

Shattuck Observator
Walking to this place everyday is therapeutic, I mean, just look at it!

  1. Academic Skills Center Meteorology Tutor

One of my more recent endeavors is taking on the role of the meteorology (study of the weather) tutor for the Academic Skills Center. (I told you, I absolutely love learning about the weather!) I took the Dartmouth meteorology class my first term on campus, and I loved it. So much, in fact, that I was able to become a tutor. Not only do I get to help students learn about the science behind the weather but working as a tutor helps reinforce my knowledge of the subject as well. I hold three one-hour sessions per week along with some training meetings through the week as well.

  1. Grader for Math 13 – Calculus of Vector Valued Functions

The most recent position I've taken on is the role of the math 13 grader for the Dartmouth math department. I really enjoyed this math class I took back in the spring of 2022. It was a challenging and rigorous course, but it was taught by a professor that absolutely loved the material which made the class so much more enjoyable. There are weekly problem sets that the class turns in that I'm responsible for grading. Since I'm not currently taking a math class, I'm glad I can read through the grading material so that I refamiliarize myself with some of the content. It's a really good position that is flexible, and I can work according to my schedule!

I will not include research positions as a part of my list of jobs here on campus (I think that subject requires a blog post of its own!). These four jobs are more than enough to keep me financially stable throughout the academic year, and they give me a sense of financial security – which is something that I haven't had in a very long time. I want to stress the point that these positions really do not feel like jobs – they are more like activities that I really enjoy doing. Having a "job" here at Dartmouth really isn't what you would expect, and I'm so grateful to have the positions that I do.

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