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For those who are away/have been away from campus: what do you miss most about Hanover and Dartmouth?

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As a first-year student currently on campus for the winter, I've only technically been away from Dartmouth/Hanover one time—during my first winterim (Dartmouth's version of winter break). However, although my overall experience with time away from Dartmouth might not be as broad as some of my peers, this question definitely resonates with me.

Winterim at Dartmouth is long, 6 weeks (plus a few days if you're lucky with scheduling finals). For my first winterim, at the very least, half of my time was either 1. spent thinking about returning to campus or 2. calling/talking to my new friends from campus (who also spent their time thinking about returning to campus). It was one of those moments where you don't realize how special something is until you aren't surrounded by it anymore; I initially anticipated winterim being this super relaxing, maybe even productive time to catch up with hometown friends, family, and the like, but after about a week of being home I already missed campus significantly more than I thought I would.

Which leads me to what I missed most about campus (and what I think I'll consistently miss the most): community. There's just nothing quite like the Dartmouth community. I might be a little biased with my answer because I've had a particularly good experience with finding a supportive group of friends and mentors, but most of the students I talk to (and even faculty) tend to agree that the Dartmouth community is what makes life here so special.

On top of community and friends, aside from Dartmouth specifically, I missed the scenery and outdoor freedom/activities of Hanover a lot as well. Hanover is both surreal and quaint. No matter where you go or look there's something interesting to participate in. Some simple stuff I missed while being away: walking around beautiful Occom Pond, the local poster store, and spontaneous forest explorations. Those kinds of things you just can't replace!

There's a lot to love about Dartmouth and Hanover, but the things I've mentioned would have to be the top so far. I can feel that with each break away from campus I'm going to miss more and more!

I hope that was helpful : )

Your friend,


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