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An image showing a glimpse of the Baker-Berry Library through the trees at sunset near Dartmouth Hall

Since arriving on campus, my first spring term at Dartmouth has been extremely centered around the weather/enjoying the outdoors. Coming from winter term I guess I didn't realize how much of a necessity spending time outside is—simple things like walking to class are so much more enjoyable now. Don't get me wrong, the New Hampshire winter wonderland was phenomenal while it lasted, (the midnight snowball fights and early morning skiing especially) but coming from Oklahoma, I need my sun.

With the snow finally gone, I've been able to go on daily hikes and walks around Occom Pond as well as study outside more. Check out this picture of life on the green, it pretty much sums up Dartmouth life lately:

A warm, clear, sunny afternoon on the community-filled Dartmouth green
This has been the new norm (as long as the weather permits) for campus life on the green!

Oddly enough, as the trees are starting to bloom again, and the freshly admitted 27s are seeing campus for the first time during their admitted student tours dimensions, I'm brought back to fall term. The Campus energy has been phenomenal lately, and It feels a lot like I'm experiencing Dartmouth for the first time again. I guess that's a perk of going to a school that experiences all four seasons in full force.

Occom Pond near the horizon on a cool, mildy cloudy afternoon day
A recent picture from one of my daily walks around Occom Pond

A picture of large, green hill on the Dartmouth golf course near the end of the Occom Pond walking loop
My new favorite spring spot to listen to music—a hill close to the Dartmouth golf course adjacent to Occom Pond

Overall, I'm enjoying my first spring term—the weather has been great, and the essence of community is definitely dispersing throughout campus alongside the sunshine. On top of the great weather, there are also a variety of student events coming up that I'm excited about experiencing for the first time, Green Key (Dartmouth's famous live music weekend) as well as my upcoming housing community trip to New York City are two of them!

I'm going to be documenting all of it so make sure to stay tuned!

Your friend,


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