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Can you describe what it's like being Christian at Dartmouth?

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I may not be able to answer this, but one of my close friends on campus can! Click for a mini interview/introduction on what it's like being Christian at Dartmouth : ) 

To start, what's your name and affiliation with the Christian church?

"My name is Caleb Saks I'm a '26 (first-year student), and I was raised in the church, specifically as a Presbyterian. Although, I now go to The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College."

How long have you been a Christian?

"I was raised in the church. My parents went to church, so that ultimately had a large impact on my early faith, but since going to Dartmouth I feel like my faith journey has become a lot more individual."  

Did being Christian influence your choice to come to Dartmouth? Why or why not?

"I'd say It didn't have any impact on my choice to go to one school or another. I knew that I'd be able to find Christian groups and communities at whatever school I landed at, and I've been lucky to find a few great ones here."

Piggybacking off of that, what opportunities are there for Christians on Dartmouth's campus? What are you involved in personally?

"For worship, I go to The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College, and I've found that to be a really good community. Outside of worship, I've just recently started getting involved with the more social scenes of Christian life at Dartmouth. With Dartmouth being such a small college, it's really easy to run into people and make friends quickly—I've made more Christian friends this term and got introduced to Christian Dinners hosted at the equines house here on campus which has been a really great way to meet other Christians. There's also a seminar I've been going to on campus which tackles abstract faith-based topics through a variety of incredibly knowledgeable experts and guest speakers. No matter what denomination you are, I've found that there are plenty of options on campus to fit your faith needs."

Overall describe your experience being Christian at Dartmouth

"As I mentioned before, it's definitely much more individual for me than it was at home. Up until getting to college, it was pretty easy to go to church because my parents would go, and I'd just tag along. But you know, being away from your parents definitely puts the burden on you, which has actually been really strengthening—it's made me think about my faith in my own life. I'd say overall it's been good. Although Dartmouth isn't a Christian college, I've been able to find a lot of solid community spaces and organizations as well as grow spiritually." 

Has anything surprised you about being a Christian at Dartmouth?

"I'd probably say how being around people who aren't Christian has actually strengthened and articulated my beliefs. Some of my best memories here have been the deep theological discussions with my friends on campus. It's been really cool and beneficial to hear people interested in, and wanting to learn about Christianity. And who are really devout in their own various takes on religion, thinking about Christianity in the context of other religions, that sort of thing."

Any closing comments?

"Yeah! I feel like because there are so many passionate people here, it's common to find a lot of people who are genuinely curious and constantly willing to have really insightful discourse. To reiterate, as Dartmouth is such a small college it feels very easy to meet a lot of people who are passionate, it doesn't matter whether you're religious or not." 

As Caleb highlighted, Dartmouth isn't known for its overwhelmingly Christian environment, but from what I've seen as a first-year student (and in our interview), there are a lot opportunities (both social and personal) for students who are interested in faith-based communities. Check out this link for an additional overview! https://students.dartmouth.edu/tucker/spiritual-life

I hope this mini interview was beneficial! 

As always,

Your friend,


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