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Dear Sanborn, 

As it is February, the season of love, I believe it is time for me to express my deep and undying devotion for your aura of light academia and comforting alcoves. Your wooden shelves, natural light, and arched walkways capture me in ways I can't express, sending me into a romantic daze. I imagine myself as a French poet, enamored by your cozy small spaces, typing a piece about love in your leather seats. As I finish my chemistry problem set among your dusty books, I can create a life for myself outside of my current being, and escape into your gorgeous scenery. 

You, Sanborn, have become one of my favorite study spots. Second only to the Tower Room, your space fills me with joy and motivation to complete my chemistry assignments and beyond. The warmth of your library allows me to take off my jacket in the winter months and bask in the perfect temperature while I complete my school work. Armed with a hot chocolate, I can't imagine a better place to complete my studying for the week. 


Your scenery aligns most with romantic classical music, and with that in mind, I gift you a playlist. 

- "Le Festin" by Camille and Micheal Giacchino: the theme from Ratatouille, this song provides a playful and beautiful French tune that reminds me of your light ambiance
- "Une Barque Sur L'océan from Miroirs" by André Laplante: a song sounding like the tumbling of water, its flowing arpeggios bring me a peace similar to yours
- "Gondoliera, H80" by Frank Bridge, Louise Williams, and David Owen Norris: a piece reminiscent of spring, I am reminded of the green landscapes I'll be able to view out your windows once the snow melts
- "Nocturne en mi bémol majeur opus n2: Ballade en Sol Mineur no.1" by Frédéric Chopin: a classical piece fitting for any French poet

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Throughout the rest of winter and into spring, your alcoves will be at the top of my study space list. 

Love always,

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