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Growing up, we've all heard about people wishing for a white Christmas and comparing the snowy December landscape to a winter wonderland. However, if you're someone who typically sports shorts and works on their Chaco tan during winter, the idea of coming to a school where temperatures dip into the negatives can seem a bit daunting.

Not to fear! From someone who's been in your shoes, I'll be the first to say that the transition from sunny to snow days is a very welcome change, so long as you have the right equipment. Which brings us to the main event: the winter survival guide!

First thing's first: staying warm is essential, and one of the best ways to keep out the cold is to pack on the layers. For example, in my first week I've been wearing leggings under my jeans and thermal shirts under my sweaters. Another top tip to staying warm is protecting the extremities! Gloves are an essential, and wool socks go a long way. Since water has a way of working its way into sneakers, snow boots keep your feet nice and dry. They also provide more traction so there are fewer slips on icy patches.

Next on the agenda is reaching out to dorm friends. In the colder months, many students spend more time in their dorms, as it's easier to study in the dorms than walk to the library. Winter is known to be a great time to bond with floormates, so if you need a study break, knock on a neighbor's door!

Finally, go outside! Dartmouth has a way of making the outdoors accessible, as we have free student rentals for ice skates for skating on Occom pond and snow sleds for riding down the hills on the golf course. Additionally, we had a campus-wide snowball fight on the Green commemorating the first snowfall of the term! With winter carnival coming up, as well as snowboarding and skiing opportunities on Dartmouth's ski lift, there will continue to be plenty of options to get students outdoors!

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Snow sledding on the golf course!

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