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Ok picture this: I'm walking back from the library, boots crunching through the snow as the arms of my coat rub against my backpack. I put my hood up to cover my pink ears, when all of a sudden, I see that familiar figure walking in front of me. I stop, considering my next move. As he laughs with a friend, I crouch, entering into stealth mode. Tiptoeing on the sidewalk and careful that my coat doesn't squeal when making contact with my backpack strap, I go in for the tackle. Springing up, I try to bring him down but am met with disappointment when my efforts only majorly surprise my brother.

Retreating from playful threats of revenge and halfheartedly thrown snowballs, I take cover while his friend stands confused, questioning whether to jump in or call for help. Moments later, grudges are settled and introductions are made. This is Andrew and me, and this is what having a sibling on campus is like for me!

In the midst of first term, while wrapped up in meeting new people and moving to college I found it very easy to get lost in the whirlwind. Trying to find my place, I found myself navigating time management for the first time. I had to learn to balance the big three: sleep, school, and social. School, it's easy because you can be social during the day but go home to work environment at night. The difference here is you're always surrounded by friends – which is a BLAST but can lead to burnout if you don't take time for yourself and your studies.

Having Andrew, my brother, here has been a grounding force and place of comfort. While wrapped up in meeting new friends and constantly on guard for first impressions, it can be easy to lose sight of yourself. But having Andrew here, I knew there would always be a place I could go to be totally myself and feel reminded of home.

While most people don't have siblings on campus, it's nice to have upperclassmen friends to show you the ropes of the woods and be a stable force throughout your first year. And trip leaders are one way that Dartmouth facilitates upperclassmen relationships. It's also easy to make friends through clubs, athletic groups, and even classes!

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