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Hello dear reader! Today, I'll be talking about a few places Dartmouth students frequent on the day-to-day: cafes! They're the cozy study spots we go to when the library gets a bit too stuffy. They're the perfect spot for friends to start their day, getting their morning boost and having a chill workplace. They're the little escape to do work when you feel unproductive or where you go to feel like you're in your own special place, like the cafe from Riverdale or Gilmore Girls.

So, let me show you some of my favorites!

  1. Umpleby's

This is my absolute favorite little nook of Hanover, a hidden gem and worthwhile find! My first time going, there was actually a live jazz band setting the mood, and as a New Orleans girl, I felt right at home! When it comes to food, they have the BEST sandwiches, all on the menu under fun code names and made with fresh house-baked bread. If dietary restrictions aren't a barrier, give the Bertie Wooster a try (turkey sandwich with apple, bacon, lettuce, and cheese–*chef's kiss*). Aside from sandwiches, they have a case full of pastries that have yet to disappoint, and they have breakfast all day!

Group of musicians at Umpleby's Bakery Cafe
This was the jazz band at Umbleby's last Spring!

  1. The Nest

Our next local coffee shop is just around the corner from the first: The Nest! And like Umpleby's, the shop boasts of a large menu: they have delicious breakfast all day and burgers, wraps, and sandwiches galore! But the special thing about The Nest is their teas! They have a large selection of unique herbal teas from Vermont, with blends I have never seen before, even as a tea person! My favorite was their rose tea, which had hints of lavender and chamomile!

(Pro tip: their iced drinks come on the sweet side, so ask for less sugar!)

Selfie of friends at The Nest Kitchen and Cafe
Some friends at The Nest!

  1. Still North

Last but not least is the ultra-popular, adored and loved Still North! Here, we have the café closest to campus, which is a hit not only because of its proximity but also because of its cozy atmosphere and scrumptious food! While tables are harder to find at this cozy book shop/coffee shop, wandering through the aisles of the bookstore (filled with tarot cards, puzzles, stickers, books) is an entertaining way to wait for food and drinks! Speaking of, their food menu is dotted with the most creative content: from a prosciutto and jam sandwich to a section for crackers they put toppings on crackers you can order, they seem to have a culinary touch in the kitchen!

The bookshelves in Still North's bookstore
The Still North bookstore

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