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Hi everyone! I'm Emily, a current '25 (freshman) whose heart is split between a love for big cities and small towns. Growing up in Louisiana, I use the word "y'all" on the daily and have nurtured an affinity for the outdoors since I was little—catching fish with my dad, kayaking through the bayous, and pretty much any water activity to beat the heat are among my favorites! Other than spending time on the water, I enjoy making and tasting any baked dessert, watching old cartoons, and exploring the wonderous world of conspiracy theories, no matter how far-fetched.

Fishing back home (May 2005)

I would have to say my favorite pastime, however, is flipping through a good book. Although I have been known to dabble in all genres, I am a hopeless case when it comes to any story with a sinister dragon or goodly wizard, especially if there is a tinge of romance sprinkled between the pages. While I have read hundreds of books, none of my them could have prepared me for the environment that Dartmouth nurtures. 

On the first day of class, my comparative literature professor asked us to define reading. After much thought, I decided that reading is seeing and experiencing life through the eyes of another, all the while drawing from our own experiences. After being here only two weeks, I find myself in wonder of this magical place called Dartmouth; tucked away in the mountains of New Hampshire, I am seeing the world not only through books and their authors, but also through the eyes of my new-found Dartmouth friends. I am surrounded by the most brilliant minds, and motivated athletes, and recognized professors from every corner of the world.  I think that's one of the most special things about the college: it unites all of these incredible people in celebrating learning, exchanging ideas and cultures, and motivating each of us to be their best versions of ourselves.

Enjoying a peaceful hike after a wonderful day of kayaking with First Year Trips!

This communal learning gives way to another core aspect of the college: the community. We are a community who values learning and growing. When engaging in discussions, people are eager to listen and understand where others are coming from and relate it to their own experiences. We work together to build a safe learning atmosphere. After moving into the dorms where upperclassmen jumped in to carry boxes, freshman trips where we bonded with our classmates, and sharing meals with newfound friends, it's easy to feel at home. After only two weeks, I have found my people. Already, I feel at home in The Woods; I love this place! Stick around to find out why!

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