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An outdoor night-time rehearsal with people gathered around a lit stage, surrounded by trees and illuminated by string lights on the ground, creating a cozy, intimate setting.

I have been at Dartmouth for nine terms now, so I had plenty of time to discover some hidden gems of our campus. Let me tell you about a few of them!

The Greenhouse

A beautiful greenhouse sits atop of our Life Sciences Center. The Life Sciences Greenhouse encompasses 6,000 square feet and has a variety of collections, including Brout Orchid Collections, tropical plants, sub-tropical plants, and cacti and succulents. One highlight of the greenhouse is Morphy - the corpse flower. The corpse flower, or morphophallus titanum, goes through three growth phases. Initially, it grows a large leaf to store energy in its underground corm. After this leafy stage, the plant enters a dormant period with no visible parts above ground. Eventually, it produces a striking bloom instead of a leaf. This bloom features a tall, yellow spadix surrounded by a deep purple spathe and emits a strong smell similar to rotting flesh to attract pollinators. Typically, it takes about eight years for a corpse flower to bloom for the first time, but it can bloom more frequently once it matures. Morphy's flower bud began to open at 2:30 PM on Monday, March 11, 2024  and had closed by the morning of March 13, 2024. Dartmouth continued to stream live video of the inflorescence until the flower had entirely collapsed; it was indeed a historic moment.

A display of various orchids and other epiphytic plants mounted on vertical surfaces, each with individual labels, inside a greenhouse.
My first visit to the Greenhouse during my first fall!


BEMA is an outdoor amphitheater and a beloved park on Dartmouth's campus. While many students now affectionately refer to it as the "Big Empty Meeting Area," the name "Bema" likely originates from the Greek word for "platform for public speaking," as explored in a blog post by my fellow blogger, Batuhan. The BEMA hosts several cherished Dartmouth traditions, including the Twilight Ceremony and Frost Lights. During the Twilight Ceremony, part of the first-year orientation, the most recent graduates pass flames candle by candle to the incoming class in a symbolic procession from the Collis Center to the BEMA. This event, held the evening before Fall-term classes begin, concludes with the singing of the Alma Mater and the extinguishing of the candles, officially commencing the students' Dartmouth journey. Frost Lights during winter might as well be my favorite Dartmouth tradition, which is an interactive light and sound installation. Occasionally, student groups also perform in BEMA. I remember my first spring, Dartmouth's student-run Shakespeare company performed The Tempest in BEMA. This term, the theater company I am a part of, Displaced, was going to perform Spring Awakening, our first musical production, in BEMA. We rehearsed in BEMA a few times, but due to weather conditions, we had to move to an indoor space. Still, I got a few cool photos out of the rehearsals outdoors!

An outdoor night-time rehearsal with people gathered around a lit stage, surrounded by trees and illuminated by string lights on the ground, creating a cozy, intimate setting.
This is what rehearsing at night time in BEMA looks like!

A person in a red jacket standing in a snowy forest at night, illuminated by colorful ground lights and twinkling lights scattered among the trees, creating a magical winter atmosphere.
A glimpse into what Frost Lights looked like during our first winter!

Stacks - 5th Level

The stacks are levels and levels of shelves full of books sitting at the heart of the Baker-Berry Library and spanning six floors up and two floors down. The stacks are notorious for being cold and silent, as the temperature is kept at a lower degree to preserve the books. It is also where people go when they want to motivate themselves to lock in and study as quickly as possible to get out of the stacks. However, the 5th level of the stacks has a perfect view and great lighting if you grab one of the window-side desks. Plus, it is super quiet with very few people and distractions. If you ever find yourself on campus, give the stacks a chance!

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