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In case you needed further proof that almost everyone on this campus is a major nerd about at least one thing, and I mean that in the most positive way possible, here is me being unreasonably enthusiastic about my fall term classes.

PSYC 24: Abnormal Psychology

As an aspiring clinician, it is no surprise that I am more than excited about this class. The course explores different types of psychopathology by focusing on characteristics, diagnosis, etiology, and treatment. Yeah, the class material is intriguing, but the professor himself makes the class truly engaging. Dr. Bill Hudenko is a licensed clinical psychologist, which means he teaches more than what is in the textbook because he knows clinical practice, not only theory. The first week was mainly an introduction, going over the material we have also learned in other classes, such as intro psychology or intro to neuroscience. Yet he still found a way to make such familiar topics seem captivating for cynical psych students. I cannot wait to learn more about abnormal psychology, particularly mood and anxiety disorders in the following weeks!

SOCY 35: Sociology of Mental Health

My initial plan was to major in sociology before my gap year. That's why this class was part of my Dartmouth bucket list long before I set foot on campus. Growing up with mental illness in Turkey, where mental illness is heavily stigmatized, I witnessed firsthand how social context affects responses to and policies of mental health. I hope this class will allow me to make sense of some of my personal experiences and enrich my understanding of how social factors are in constant dialogue with psychological issues. One of the best, if not the best, part of the course is how enthusiastic Professor Jason Houle is about the class material. Though he is not the exception when it comes to professors at Dartmouth, he certainly seems uniquely captivated by the course he is teaching and his students.

ENGL 51.01: Plays, Playing, and Publicity

I am currently considering double majoring in psychology and English literature. I also thought I would be a theater major while applying to Dartmouth. So Professor Alexandra Halasz's class was the perfect fit. The course focuses on the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and more specifically, how the commercial and professional system they were part of shaped their creative endeavors. I like this class because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I know little about Shakespeare as a regular theater kid who attended a Turkish high school, but I have close to zero knowledge about his historical context. I also enjoy Professor Halasz's teaching style as she prioritizes discussion over lecture. She also seems interested in her students as complex individuals with unique backgrounds and interests. 

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