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Sherman Art Library

I guess this was inevitable. Here is the compulsory blog post on my favorite study spots on campus, and what I like studying for in each of them. 


On a regular day, you can find me studying in the Sherman Art Library, which, as its name implies, houses the art history and studio art books as well as materials supporting the Hood Museum of Art. I usually study in the inner room connecting Baker-Berry Library to Sherman, which has a collection of the newest editions of art magazines, comfy armchairs, and desks beside the large windows. These desks are my favorite study spot on campus because of all the natural light they receive, the gorgeous view from the window, and the whole aesthetic of the window frames themselves. Plus, I can zone out as much as I want while studying. The actual Sherman Library is also gorgeous with its high ceiling, wooden walls, and huge fireplace. I also love Sherman because of its location. Sherman is connected to Carpenter Hall, where the office of Spare Rib, the intersectional feminist magazine, is located. I can simply take a shortcut to the Spare Rib office on meeting days. I cannot think of anything I don't like about Sherman. 


I didn't start as a Sanborn fan, which is off-brand for me as a potential English literature major. Sanborn Library is run by the English and creative writing department. The first time I visited Sanborn was for the English department open house during New Student Orientation. I loved the coziness of the atmosphere with the armchairs by the windows, the soft lighting, and the smell of old books. But I have found the library too cozy to do work in the evenings because my eyelids tend to get heavy. The spell of the armchairs is just too strong to resist. Nowadays, I go to Sanborn on weekend mornings to work on essays or evenings to do some readings that require a certain level of comfort for motivation's sake. Another thing I love about Sanborn is the John Milton Reading Room, which we refer to as the Poetry Room. We used to have CRWT 10: Introduction to Fiction in the Poetry Room, which has a dome-like ceiling that makes the sound echo throughout the room. The weird acoustics of the room ended up adding a lot to our learning experience in the classroom. Sanborn is a perfect example of how different rooms in the library have such hidden surprises and secrets that make them unique.


The library and the study spaces in the Irving Institute Building are my new favorite study spots for the finals period. I usually find my other favorite study spaces packed with people during the finals. That's why I followed my roommate to Irving when they promised there would not be as many people there. And they were right. Irving is slightly farther from the center of the campus and is closer to the graduate schools on campus, so there are more grad students than undergrads in Irving. It has become my ideal finals grind spot for one other reason: the Fern. The Fern is one of the newest dining locations on campus. Their sandwiches are the perfect lunch in between studying for different finals without having to change location. The Irving building is special because it has multiple clean energy and sustainability features. It houses the Irving Institute for Energy after all! 

Now that I exposed all my favorite study spots I can call myself a real blogger. Until next time!

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