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Dartmouth Hall from the Green

I try to take good care of my physical health throughout the term, especially before finals, as I'm aware that added stress can really take a toll on my body. The first step to health is good food! This term, I've been discovering new favorite food places and meals on campus, even as a junior at Dartmouth. My recent favorite is the newly added yogurt bar at Courtyard Cafe with fresh berries! I also enjoy their salad station: they have plenty of pre-prepared salad options to choose from, and you can also create your own salad! I've also found an underrated gem among the dining options on campus: the soups at Collis Cafe! There are four soup options to pick from on any given day, but my favorite is definitely the peanut chicken noodle soup.

In addition to taking care of my physical health, I try to find avenues to de-stress, which isn't all that difficult, especially because many campus organizations plan wellness events in the weeks leading up to finals. For instance, in my living-learning community, our live-in advisor, Gary, brought coloring books and pencils for our weekly snack and chats in the dorm. It was a great opportunity to chat with my fellow residents while doing some mindful coloring. Additionally, the Student Wellness Center just hosted a student worker appreciation event, where we could take away fresh fruit in lunch boxes that had a note of gratitude from the SWC staff. Not to mention the delicious hot chocolate they offered us!

The days leading up to finals can be an isolating time as everyone is studying to get their work in order, so I do my best to keep in touch with my social connections. This weekend, my friends and I went to see "Poor Things" at the Hopkins Center for the Arts and played video games at Triangle House to stay connected and distract ourselves from academics for a few hours.

In short, there's a lot you can do to stay well and healthy even during the busiest time of the term at Dartmouth!

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