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A street in London with the double red bus at the front.

I have been in London for three weeks now. In the first week and a half, Dartmouth's and Queen Mary's orientation for study abroad orientation kept us busy. During Dartmouth's orientation, we had two days full of trips and activities. We were staying in St. Giles Hotels in doubles. My roommate was Yevheniia, a '24 (senior) from Ukraine, who is majoring in English. I spent most of my time with her during the first few days. It has been incredible getting to know such a smart and inspiring individual. She has been working on her thesis for her English major, a piece of historical fiction set in Ukraine. During our visit, she learned that she has also won the American Translators Award for her translation of a selection of poems in Your Beloved Dogs (you can read more about that here). It's been lovely getting to know her, and I look forward to more adventures in London. 

I also had the chance to spend more time with one of my favorite people on campus, Ragean, whom I first met in Spare Rib, the feminist zone at Dartmouth. There are more Spare Rib people in London, like Sanjana, who is also in the same English program, and Anne, a '23 who just graduated and is getting ready for her postgrad studies at Oxford University. We met up as Spare Rib members in Covent Garden to check out the local shops last weekend. It is wonderful to see how I can strengthen the connections I have made at Dartmouth beyond the campus. 

One of my best friends at Dartmouth is also doing a study abroad program in London. He is an exchange student at University College London taking economics classes. We meet every few days to explore local food venues, like the Seven Dials Food Market, and stores, like Twinnings Tea Store, where we could sample their tea. 

Stay tuned for more adventures in London!

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