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Choosing Classes

Choosing classes as a first-year can be difficult especially when you're trying to take classes that you're interested in, are trying to explore more and fulfilling your major and core requirements. For me, I have learned that finding balance is the most important in terms of choosing classes.

What do I mean by "finding a balance"? Since the language requirement consists of 3 courses within the same language, I think that taking one of those, on top of a reading/writing heavy class (usually writing 5 and seminar class) and a class you're just simply interested in is the best. Try not to take more than one class where reading and writing are the main objective. Then take a class that may or may not have anything to do with your major. In addition, take a language course! It can be a breath of fresh air from your other 2 classes. 

Some might beg to disagree. It all depends on what works best for you but I have found that for most first-years, this is what works best for them, especially when still trying to adjust to life on campus and exploring their interests more. 

However, if you're very set on what they want, have good work ethic, and are organized, feel free to switch things up or even add a fourth course! For example, if you're pre-med and you feel as though you can handle more, taking 2 stem classes in one term might be what's best for you. However, for most first-years, that's usually not the most ideal, at least for their very first term. 

Furthermore, researching you'r class is essential! Even though the add/drop period gives students here a lot of flexibility to play around with choosing classes, that all ends sooner than we think, so taking advantage is usually the best idea! The add/drop period allows us to see whether we can find this "balance" and manage it.

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