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I've decided to take only two classes this term, as I took on a four-course term during the summer! Here are the two classes:

CHEM 51 - Organic Chemistry I

Just your typical pre-med class –– inarguably one of the hardest. For my pre-med fellows out there, there are fall-winter and spring-summer organic chemistry iterations at Dartmouth, as "orgo" consists of two classes. I decided to take the fall-winter iteration as I'm not entirely sure about whether I'll be on-campus during sophomore summer taking classes. Despite the preconceived notion around orgo, I actually find this class very interesting! The class is a good mix of conceptual thinking and analytical calculations. The lectures definitely move very fast, which forces you to be hyper-focused for hours, but also very rewarding because I always walk out of them with something new learned. Prof. Sandford is an amazing lecturer — he's clear, straightforward, and understanding. 

SOCY 48 - Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity

This is my first SOCY class at Dartmouth! The course focuses on seeing how the U.S. immigration policy has evolved over time –– from the Chinese Exclusion Act to the Hart-Celler Act. I find this class very interesting because I also immigrated to the States when I was a fifth grader, which was a pretty big transition for me personally. Our first assignment is an "Immigration Life Story Interview" assignment, which entails interviewing someone we consider an immigrant and bringing their story to life by interweaving relevant policies and laws during their time. I've decided to interview a family member, and the process has been a big learning experience so far! I recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a semi-relaxed third course or wants to learn more about immigration and race. 

MUS 50 - Chamber Music I

MUS 50 is a 0 credit, three-term-long course, where I join to play in a clarinet chamber with other clarinetists at Dartmouth! We practice weekly with an instructor and hold one grand recital at the end of the term. I hope to continue this until spring term, which will be exciting. I haven't played the clarinet since eighth grade — this is sort of a new "challenge" for me. 

I hope that with two classes this term, I will be more focused on my extracurriculars and personal development. If you ever need this for yourself, I say go for it! Dartmouth, with its 35-credit requirement for graduation, allows for one 2 course term throughout the four years. Make use of it!

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