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One of the best ways to survive and enjoy winter in Hanover is by finding something that makes you excited to be out in the snow. Luckily, Dartmouth and its various clubs and organizations make it incredibly easy to enjoy the outdoors even in cold weather. Even on a winter afternoon, you can go sledding on the golf course, ice skating on Occom Pond and hiking with the DOC. This term, I decided to sign up for ski classes at the Dartmouth Skiway. My first class was this past Saturday, and I had the best time on the slopes!

Dartmouth Skiway

Towards the end of the last term, the Physical Education department sent out an email to register for ski and snowboard classes during the winter term and a few of my friends who are very enthusiastic skiers encouraged me to sign up. The classes are super affordable and accessible even for beginner skiers. All the equipment you need for skiing are included in the cost of the classes and you can even apply for financial aid to cover the cost. Getting to your ski lessons is also really easy. There are buses running to and from the Skiway every half hour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The classes are taught by other Dartmouth students and a few Skiway staff who are all really enthusiastic to introduce the sport to people who have never tried it before. The classes are also a really great way to meet new people. There were 5 people in my group who I had never met before and definitely would not have met if I didn't sign up for the classes. With the help and guidance of our awesome instructors, we skied for about three hours and had an awesome time! I signed up for the weekly Saturday classes and I'm more than looking forward to my next class this weekend!

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Hanover winters get a bad rep from some people, but in the few weeks I've been here this term, I've realized that if you're able to get outside and discover a few activities that you love, you might just find yourself counting down to the winter months each year!

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