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Homecoming Bonfire on the Dartmouth Green

Hi! I'm so excited to welcome the '26s to campus in a couple of months! I can still vividly remember the combination of nervousness and excitement I felt preparing for my first year of college. After an eventful freshman year, filled with long nights in the library, hanging out with friends on the Green, restaurant hopping, and attending many student art events, here is some advice to '26s as you get ready for your first year:

1. Get to know your professors. Dartmouth is a college for a reason. The professors genuinely care about their students, and Dartmouth offers the opportunity to take professors to lunch at the Pine Restaurant in Hanover (for free!). It's a great way to connect with your professors and maybe even get involved in some of their research projects. 

2. Grades are important, but they aren't everything. Try not to let the academics overwhelm you or take priority over your mental health. You deserve to be at Dartmouth and that's why you got in! Enjoy all that the school and the beautiful campus have to offer. When you have time, take a swim in the river, hike Gile, or picnic on the Green.

3. Go out of your comfort zone during O-week. I went to a tie-dye event on my second day on campus and met one of my best friends. Be open to introducing yourself to others and getting to know your floor mates. You never know what can become of even the smallest interactions!

4. Visit the Hop for an art performance. The Hop not only has some of the best food on campus but is also the host of various performing arts events. I've attended student film screenings, play productions, and even saw the Juilliard String Quartet perform. (P.S. students get discounts on all Hop performance tickets!)

5. Join clubs (but not too many). Explore the many social spaces that Dartmouth has to offer, such as the Ledyard Canoe Club within the Dartmouth Outing Club, a variety of acapella and dance troupes, and hundreds of other clubs and organizations to find what inspires you. While it is good to branch out, don't make the mistake of signing up for too many clubs and spreading yourself too thin. 

6. Be authentic to yourself. There is a space for every type of person on campus. Find what you are passionate about and don't care too much about what others think, even though it can be difficult, especially in a new environment. 

7. Find your support system. For some of you, it will be your first time away from home. Build a network of friends, professors, and Dartmouth resources that you can always rely on. 

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