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How do campus jobs work?

A: Chase Harvey

Whenever students are on campus, the odds are that they have a campus job where they work several hours a week. Almost all of my friends have a job of some sort on campus. Even if you don't qualify for work-study, you can get a job on campus easily!

Usually when students are given their financial aid packets, they will be able to read if Dartmouth has given them the chance to have a work-study job. However, this means that the college has federally subsidized employment eligibility for students. This allows students to receive their paychecks to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses, and it does not go directly to reducing their bill with the college. There are some jobs that are for work-study only students so all students have access to a job if they need one.

Students here use a resource called Jobnet to search for jobs that are on campus and their information. On this website, you will find that lots of the jobs are open to all students because there are many jobs in general. The website allows you to sort by work-study and non-work study jobs and search by term or classification. So if you wanted a job related to your passion for music or acting, you could search for a job in the arts category! 

Every job has their own description describing the wage, expectations, and expected weekly hours. The new jobs on the website get updated every week or two so it is never a bad idea to check during the term. In addition, it is typical to find more specialized jobs. People apply to be drill instructors for specific languages, research or teaching assistants, or fellows for different departments. This term there was even a job for someone to teach an engineering class how to sew for their creative thinking project!

Students on campus usually don't struggle finding a campus job because places are constantly hiring here. In addition, the student employment office is friendly for helping students find jobs or even opportunities.

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