23W First Snow
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Holt's Ledge

If you know this infamous question and need reassurance, here is why.

Matriculation Photo in Front of Baker Library
Matriculation Day :)

Going to Orientation feeling extremely excited for the next four years of your life, but more importantly about to learn why people go to a school in the middle of the woods. Going cliff jumping into the River below the Quechee Bridge with people you just met. Then, finishing your Orientation and telling your friends and family back home about it with their responses all being in disbelief at the wild adventures you've already begun. Convincing your family that the Twilight Ceremony is a totally normal thing for 1000+ people to do together every year. Almost stepping on a snake with a girl (who you barely know) who then becomes your best friend. Meeting new friends as the song says "dance the night away." 

Quechee Bridge
Didn't my mom ask "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"
Football Game Against Columbia
Fall football

Sending a picture of both the Sun God and Keggy to your non-Dartmouth friends as they question you. Making 20 signs that say "Choate Sweet Choate" and hanging them up all over the Choates! Going apple picking with a bunch of total strangers who strangely share your love for wind ensemble? Then, meeting some of your closest friends when talking about the number three. Walking around the biggest (controlled) fire you have ever seen as everyone tells you to go touch it (but don't!). Laughing as someone yells "Whose socks are these?" and everyone yelled "Yale's socks." Going on top of a fire tower at 7am. Throwing a bicycle wheel into a tree (and retrieving it). Playing your first collegiate solo on stage. Constantly taking absurd pictures.

DCWE Sunrike Gile
Band friends my first sunrike
Gile Sunset View
Oh, and the sunrise view too

Taking a selfie with a giant tree. Having your first snowfall in town and going sledding down massive hills. Photoshopping many pictures of your friends. Building a rubber duck out of snow that is bigger than you. Watching that duck melt over the next several weeks. Spending hours by yourself in the plaster room for art class. Using a trash can for balance ice skating for your first time. Then, falling 100+ times the next day skiing for your first time. Doing another hike at 6am. Doing the polar plunge and feeling alive. Learning what a squall is. Having one of the most fun photoshoots for your friend's birthday. 

Occom Skating Selfie
Grace, the friend who almost stepped on a snake!
Polar Plunge
The polar plunge... cold thinking about it!

Having one of the most eventful weekends of your life. Building your final project which took 26 hours in two days. Laughing extremely loud in the quietest part of the library. The selfies on the Dartmouth Coach and of Boston in the air. Drawing a bunch of silly images after learning to code a few days ago. Watching one of your friends play tennis because she is an absolute legend. Smiling as you finally start to see spikeball back on the Green.

DWT Against Harvard
Go Ujvala! Go Green!
The Coach Ride Home
Dartmouth coach rides

There's a lot more, but that's my updated why Dartmouth!

Baker at Night

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