23W First Snow
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Birthday Party Bunny Themed

Wow. That is all. This has been one of my absolute favorite terms so far at Dartmouth, and I'm just gonna rant about how amazing it has been. So sit down and grab one of your favorite snacks, and get to know some of the chaos that goes on for many Dartmouth students while they are spending time on campus.

It wasn't unusual for me to unpack immediately after moving into my new dorm. However, I forgot to schedule my storage appointment so I started it by spending the night on my friend's couch and hanging out all day! For the next few weeks, I acclimated to my classes while hanging out a lot with my friends in my fraternity. One of my favorite moments was dragging a gigantic stick into the house and running around campus later that night with my friends listening to music. Although I tried to pretend the stick wasn't my fault, it was quite obvious that my friend and I did it.

One of the best things about winter is always the spontaneous snowball fights! There was one night when I needed to write an essay, but instead had a two hour snowball fight with my best friends after a meeting. The pictures of our clothes stained in mud and videos of us slipping are some of the funniest things on my camera roll. Trust me when I say that our clothes were heavily stained…

Winter Sunrise Over the Green
Winter sunrise over the Green

Overall, there was an overwhelming amount of memories I made throughout the entire term. I watched my friends play their sports from tennis to cheerleading. I built a lot of mini snow sculptures. I got covid and went on many walks to take pictures and escape my dorm. I had dinner at my friend's apartment where we reminisced about our study abroad. I wrote a lot of music and played lots of percussion with many cool new videos to prove it! I decided to jump in Occum Pond again and bear the polar plunge another time. I submitted a large grant proposal twenty minutes before it was due. I had a very interesting debate about Rihanna's performance at the Super Bowl at the frat house. I danced the night away many of my weekends with some new best friends. To finish it all off, I went to my fraternity formal and had one of my favorite nights of the term.

Study Abroad Reunion Dinner
Study abroad reunion dinner

23W Formal
23W formal

Of course, many of my nights consisted of studying, writing music for class, and debating if I was being productive enough to stay awake for one more hour. But I found an amazing balance between my academics and my social life this term. You know it is an amazing term when you do not have a single regret about it.

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