23W First Snow
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DCWE 23F Group Photo Cornfield

Recently, I have been reminded of what it means to be a member of the Dartmouth community. In the Summer, a group of dual degree engineering students from other universities joined Dartmouth for their first time as juniors. Since then, I have gotten to know several of them and see them learn how to do college for a second time in a new environment. Their newfound joy sparked memories I have with learning Dartmouth lingo and buildings for the first time. With new first year students on campus, this feeling has grown exponentially. 

DCWE Wakeups

This last week is one of my favorite weeks I have had at college. Since I am heavily involved with interacting with the new band members who are '27s (first years! Dartmouth uses class year to denote grade and alumni graduation year). They have reminded me of the awe and wonder of exploring the Upper Valley for the first time. It is the little things that remind me why I love Dartmouth. Specifically, I enjoyed sharing the fall activities and traditions that I hold close to my heart that bleeds green. One of my favorite things was seeing them become friends in their joyous first weekend while berry picking. 

Blueberry from Riverview Farm

Sitting outside watching orange leaves fall from the highest branch of a tree makes the time in the Upper Valley slow down. The only thing which snaps time back into reality is the sound of people walking upon the crunchy leaves. Although sitting outside can feel chilly sometimes from the Fall air, there is something warm and cozy about wearing a sweater sitting on the Green watching the trees sway in the wind. Fresh breaths of air remind me where I am, and why I feel calm. It's Hanover. It is the moments of the Fall of Hanover which encourages me to embrace my connection with the physical space of Dartmouth

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