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If you didn't physically visit campus before choosing Dartmouth, how did you make the decision to enroll?

A: Chase Harvey

Honestly, for me, making the decision to go to Dartmouth was not so simple at first. Originally, I had planned to go to any music school in New York and become a professional tubist alongside other classical musicians. However, I ended up falling in love with Dartmouth. The other '25s who I talked to during admitted student month were so kind to me while I considered committing, and many people, like the wind ensemble director, reached out to me to congratulate me. The community Dartmouth creates is the biggest factor that influenced my decision to commit. Another gigantic factor is the financial aid at Dartmouth was amazing compared to other schools I applied to.

Janine D'Souza '24: Dartmouth was never at the front of my mind during the college application process, so when I was assigned my alumni interview, I thought of it as a formality for a school I would never go to. Instead, I was captivated by my interviewer's stories and descriptions of Dartmouth's campus and people. From the astronomy and Shakespeare classes to the tales of long nights with his classmates, I was hooked. Going to Dartmouth was sealed in my mind when my interviewer, a member of the class of 1971, concluded by telling me about how he and his classmates were still in close contact nearly 50 years later. I knew then, even without having stepped foot on campus, that I was meant to be at Dartmouth.

Katie Sellu '25: I chose Dartmouth because I liked the close community and small class size. I liked how I can gain better connections with friends and potential professors. I also wanted a new environment and a more nature-like college and I felt that Dartmouth was a great new place to start my college experience.

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