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This past spring term, I took four different classes in four different departments! 

Chemistry 11: General Chemistry

Chem 11 is a one-term class that encompasses what is usually taught in a full general chemistry sequence. Pre-health students at Dartmouth typically take either the two-course sequence Chem 5/6 General Chemistry or Chem 11 available upon placement. This course, while challenging, has taught me a lot in 10 weeks! We have covered everything from the history of chemistry to molecular orbital theory.

Classics 12.02: Greek and Roman Engineering and Technology

I am taking Classics 12.02 as my Culminating Experience (CE) course for my Classical Studies major. For the CE, I wrote a long paper about Greek and Roman medical tools and medicinal recipes, as well as constructed my very own Roman surgical shears!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, and it has definitely pushed me to explore a part of Classics I have never learned about before. This class also fulfills the engineering distributive for the Dartmouth Distributive Requirement, showing how distributive requirements and majors can be and are often overlapped!

Religion 19.22/Jewish Studies 53/Women's and Gender Studies 33.03: Gender and Judaism  

This class is really cool because it is cross-listed in three different departments, meaning I get three different perspectives on the class topic; we covered the history of gender as it relates to Judaism as well as modern perspectives of the topic

Anthropology 55: Anthropology of Global Health

Anthropology 55 is the last class for my Global Health minor, and it obviously is really fitting! In the class, we are learning about different pandemics (COVID-19, Ebola, AIDS) and how public perception as well as public assistance has changed throughout the years.

In all, taking classes in all different departments shows me the true value of a liberal arts education. After this term, I will know how to do a Chemistry titration, how the Romans built the Colosseum, what an orange means for Passover in the Jewish faith, as well as what the COVID-19 response was in New Hampshire. Dartmouth has pushed me to be an interdisciplinary student who knows many different fields of study.

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