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Columns on the front of the British Museum

Before every first-year student arrives on campus, they are assigned a Faculty Advisor. My experience with my Faculty Advisor has been nothing short of amazing!

Faculty advisors are professors who guide you all four years to provide academic and personal support. They are occasionally not within your intended major or minor, and this is intentional to give students unbiased advice on their course of study.

My faculty advisor is in the Department of History, and her husband is a Classics professor! His "Antiquity Today" is one of my favorite courses so far at Dartmouth I have taken.

When I arrived on campus for my first year, I had no idea what classes to take. Thus, a meeting with my advisor was a welcome way to get advice. She recommended two courses, one in Art History and a Native American Studies course, which were amazing! 

Over the summer, my advisor gave me excellent advice that ultimately led to my acceptance to study at Trinity College, Dublin, for my transfer term.

Faculty advisors are also great people to get to know better! I took my advisor to lunch through the Take Your Professor to Lunch Program (where Dartmouth pays for lunch with a student and professor), and I learned all about her life journey to academia and her travels as a professor.

A couple of weekends ago, I bumped into her in London! She is leading the History Foreign Study Program in London, and I saw her at the British Museum, which was a great reunion. 

Overall, I have appreciated my faculty advisor. She has been a great academic advisor and a great person to get to know better.

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