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With a network of about 80,000 living Dartmouth alumni, there are ample opportunities to connect with the Dartmouth community both during and after your time at Dartmouth. Within my undergraduate years, I have had the fortune to meet several Dartmouth alumni and form close connections with a few. Here are my experiences with connecting with alumni in New Hampshire and on a global scale:

With 2,385 Dartmouth alumni in the state of New Hampshire alone, many Dartmouth graduates fall so in love with Dartmouth they never leave the state itself! In the Upper Valley, I have met several alumni through my church as well as my professors. At my church, there are several members who are Dartmouth grads, and they always go out of their way to connect with Dartmouth students through taking us out to lunch, cooking us home cooked meals, and often serving as our families away from home. Additionally, I reconnected with my Dartmouth tour guide as she was an alumna living in the area who went to my church. We've been really close, and though she has since moved away, I will always value that friendship.

Our campus Christian fellowship, Vox Christian Fellowship, is led by Brianna, a Dartmouth '21, who is married to a Dartmouth '19. They are always having students come to their house for dinners. Because Brianna is an alumna, she understands the Dartmouth experience and is able to cater the ministry accordingly to Dartmouth students. 

On a global scale, during my internship in Vietnam, I met a Dartmouth alumnus who was helping launch a new medical school in Hanoi. We had the chance to get dinner with another Dartmouth student, and it was really exciting to see the Dartmouth network as far away as Southeast Asia!

Dartmouth alumni are typically really excited about giving internships to Dartmouth students or providing mentorship in their industries. After I leave Dartmouth, I know the community will stay with me!

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