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Building the Bonfire

Woohoo! It's homecoming week here at Dartmouth. While I could focus on the game itself, I want to spend some time writing about the buildup and preparation for the extra special day. 

  1. Building the Homecoming Bonfire: Dartmouth has a lot of traditions, but no tradition is as big (literally and figuratively) as the Homecoming Bonfire. Annually every night before the football game, Dartmouth freshmen walk around the bonfire as the school welcomes the newest class. I'm sitting on the campus Green with a beautiful sunny day as the bonfire is being set up. I'm used to a fire with three logs to cook s'mores, so the mountain of wood built right now in front of me is a different breed. 

Class of 2025 Board
The Class of 2025 signed a board for the bonfire!
  1. Woccums: Walks around Occom pond, affectionately called "Woccums" are a campus favorite. To prepare for my lap around the bonfire as a new freshman, I have been taking power Woccums. Nothing is better than taking in the emerging New England fall at one of Dartmouth's prettiest spots.
  2. Preparing Parents: My parents came to Hanover this weekend, and it was so nice seeing them after five weeks away. To make sure they were ready for the game and the festivities surrounding it, we rehearsed Dartmouth's Alma Mater. We also stopped in the Dartmouth Co-Op to get them dressed head to toe in green. I told them to prepare for a bonfire like no other.
  3. Walmart Run: Homecoming is not an affair to be taken lightly. My parents drove me to Walmart to purchase "flair" (Dartmouth slang for bright, fun clothing that represents your personality). Homecoming festivities almost always include a theme, so I purchased a cowboy hat and bandana to fit a western-themed gathering with my floormates.

Homecoming Hat!
My "flair" Homecoming hat!


Getting into School Spirit: It's the first Homecoming game in two years. Dartmouth loves its football team. Need I say more?! The campus is in full spirit mode and the energy level of students could not be any higher. The anticipation for Friday and Saturday is palpable; every student is decked out in green gear and can't stop talking about one of the biggest weekends of the year.

This week has been one of the best yet as I've met alumni, students, parents, and community members all enthusiastic about Homecoming. Until next time, Go Big Green!

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