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As I expressed in my last blog post, my schedule for this winter is jam-packed full of classes and extracurriculars! During the course election period (which is normally during the last two weeks of the preceding term), students usually choose to elect three courses onto their schedule, as this is the typical course load at Dartmouth. There is a limited number of terms a student is able to take either two courses (the minimum) or four courses (the maximum), and this term, I opted to keep myself busy with my first four-course term on top of new extracurriculars. So, what exactly am I keeping myself busy with?

For starters, my course schedule is defined mostly by reading- and writing-based classes. Since I took both the winter and spring terms off of my freshman year, I was not able to complete all of my first-year requirements, so I am finally taking my Writing 5 class, one of the three options for the freshman writing course requisite. There are a multitude of subjects that first-years can choose from for a Writing 5 class; this term, I decided to take one called Photographic Representations, where each writing assignment is based on the analysis of a photograph. So far, we've taken two trips to the Hood Museum on campus to examine painted portraits and images, and it has been so fun being able to fully indulge myself in the class's material by doing so! 

Along with my Writing 5, I am taking a class through the Department of Asian Societies, Cultures, and Language called Sacred Architectures of Asia, which focuses specifically on the architectural developments of India and China in the context of the dissemination of Buddhism. I am also taking Spanish 1 Introductory Spanish; and lastly, a class through the English/Creative Writing Department called Introduction to Aesthetics, which highlights the possible answers to the question of what exactly can be considered art.

While these four classes are the only academic courses I will be taking this term, I'm actually technically taking five classes in total, as I signed up for ice skating lessons for one of my P.E. credits as well! Since there are only two classes per week, ice skating lessons are not as big of a commitment as my academic classes, which allowed me to fit them into my schedule perfectly.

The final thing on my already packed schedule is my extracurriculars, two of which I decided to prioritize this term: the People Places Pines blog and WebDCR, the College's radio station! I've finally decided to start my own radio show, Daydream Sound Machine, where I will be streaming music every Thursday at 6 pm EST! Since it is only a once-weekly commitment, it was the final activity to make my schedule complete. I intend on being involved with the radio for a while, so stay tuned for a possible future blog post about this experience soon!

I am so excited for all of the experiences I will have this winter with all of the new classes and clubs I have decided to involve myself in, and I can't wait to report about it all in the next coming weeks of this term to all of you!

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