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After binging the Pitch Perfect trilogy and desperately wanting a DJ job or extracurricular position like Anna Kendrick's Beca character, Dartmouth's freeform radio station seemed to be the perfect choice for a new club to join this year.

With music being a prominent part of my life for its entirety, I had always wanted to pursue it in ways beyond just orchestral performance. After attending an interest meeting last term about the plethora of departments, radio shows, and podcasts available to contribute to at Dartmouth College Radio (WebDCR), I felt drawn to become a DJ of my own show: Daydream Sound Machine! Every Thursday night at 6 pm eastern time, my Spotify playlists are streamed on-air, presenting a different genre of music to listeners, ranging from indie to rap, folk to EDM.

A poster saying "Daydream sound machine" in large letters
The cover of my radio show!

The beauty of Dartmouth College Radio is its focus on the interests of music-listeners, tech-lovers, and everyone in between. Although hosting a live radio show or recorded podcast is one of the more popular options for students to involve themselves in, students are also able to delve into sectors of WebDCR management through departments like Live Events, Marketing, Art, Music, and Tech, to name a few. Personally, I have decided to involve myself in WebDCR's Music Department, where I am learning how to collect and curate the songs that get streamed on the WebDCR automated station (i.e. what plays when there is not a student radio show or podcast scheduled during a time slot).

For me, WebDCR has served as a form of escapism, where I can stream the songs that define my music taste to listeners across the country. The studio (located on the third floor of Robinson Hall) acts as a space for me to express myself in ways beyond the world of academia, and I find myself ecstatic for Thursday evenings every week.

If you're an incoming first year or prospective student looking for a niche activity to express your creative side, Dartmouth College Radio will be your new favorite extracurricular in the same way that it is mine!

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