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Last weekend, my friends and I entered the Jones Media Centers' 48-hour video contest! The Jones Media Center is a branch of the library that rents out tech, gear, and software to students for creative and academic projects. They run a 48-hour video contest every year in the fall; students are given a short phrase and an object that must be present in the less than 4-minute-long video. This year's phrase was "Meet me at 3am", and the object was a stationary letter with the phrase "OK LOVE YOU BYE" written in bubble letters at the bottom. 

This year, my friends and I formed a team of 6. We collaboratively brainstormed, acted, directed, and later edited the film. One of my friends (a fellow blogger, Chase!) even produced a custom musical score for the film. On Friday at 5pm, Jones held a kickoff where they announced the prompt and object – immediately after, we headed down to Novack Cafe to brainstorm ideas. Between the 6 of us, it was quite difficult to think of an idea to all agree on. However, while hanging out and brainstorming at night, we settled on our final decision: a horror film.

After coming up with our idea, we woke up early on Saturday to start grabbing props and filming. We got some props from Spirit of Halloween and started storyboarding early in the day, and began filming in the evening and late into the night. A large portion of our film was made with camcorders and flashlights in the woods at night, which created an eerie atmosphere for a large section of the film. We also focused a lot on audio and sound design, thinking about how the backing music and sound effects can add to the build-up of tension in the film. If you're interested to see the final product, check it out here!

After filming on Saturday, we spent most of Sunday morning and afternoon, editing, coloring, and doing sound design for the film before submitting it by 5pm. On Sunday night, all of the videos were screened publicly to a sizable audience! It felt really rewarding to see the audience gripped and engaged in our film, and it was also lots of fun to see what the other 14 groups were able to come up with in 48 hours. The video contest is such a great way to bring artists and the community together, and I'm glad Jones is dedicated to running it year-after-year. My favorite part of the experience was being able to combine the creative visions of our entire team into one project within such a short amount of time; we made a lot of memories while putting the film together, and I'm glad that Jones gave us the opportunity to do so!


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