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View of campus from Berry Library

One important aspect of my time at Dartmouth has been working campus jobs. This term, I've been juggling three jobs – in this post, I want to share my experience working at Dartmouth, and how you can make the most out of working on campus!

The first job I got on campus was working on the admissions blog – hi! This is a great job for a variety of reasons; namely, I get to keep an archive of my Dartmouth experience for me to always go back to! In addition, prospective students have reached out to me asking questions about my posts; it's really rewarding to be able to help those with questions. Furthermore, at one article a week, the job is not a massive time commitment.

Since last term, I've also been working as an Arabic drill instructor! Essentially, my job is to tutor first-year Arabic students four mornings a week, with special emphasis on speaking and pronunciation. It's a great way to meet new students interested in Arabic and the Middle East!

Finally, this term I took the position of Arabic Club Coordinator, where I've been organizing meetings, reaching out to interested students, and facilitating discussions in these meetings. It's been a great experience to meet a lot of students, and it's also helped me to learn how to work with administrators on obtaining fundings and reserving rooms. 

I've made an attempt to cater my jobs to my relevant interests. As a first-generation low-income student, working on campus is necessary for me; I figured that if I was going to do it anyways, I might as well look for job opportunities related to my interests. Due to the wide variety of jobs available on campus, I urge prospective students to look for specific job opportunities within their department of interest; this will allow you to make money while building skills that are directly relevant to your future. 

Many of my friends take on campus jobs in groups; this makes them much more fun, and can also lead to lifelong memories and friendships. If you're thinking about working at the school cafe or market, get your friends involved too and take the same shifts! Dartmouth also offers an online job-search database, making campus jobs easily accessible to anybody interested.

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