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A picture of the outside of Dartmouth Hall.
My friends and I at Black Convocation.
My friends and I at the Tower Room in Baker Library.

Hello! My name is Arianna Dunkley and I'm a '27 from the Metro Atlanta area in Georgia (approximately 1000 miles away from Dartmouth). Throughout my life, I have adapted to warm weather from living in Jamaica, moving to South Florida, and ending up in north Georgia. I am unsure how I will brace myself for the colder temperatures of Hanover winters, but I am accepting puffer recommendations from anyone.

A few facts about me:

  • I love listening to music! My favorite artists are the Weeknd, Mac Miller, SZA, Frank Ocean, and more. 
  • My favorite spot on campus to do homework is the Tower Room in Baker library.
  • I am in love with the açai bowls from Collis.  

Though the past few weeks here have been hectic (my Google Calendar is exhausted), I've been having a wonderful time on campus. The community at Dartmouth has welcomed me with open arms since move-in day to now. In an effort to condense the lovely moments I have experienced, I will share my top 3 favorite moments on campus and the intriguing traditions that are embedded in the school's history.

  1. First-year trips

First-year trips is a traditional outdoor orientation experience that places first-year students into small cohorts with different trip types. It is a 4 day adventure that allows students to bond with their tripees and learn how to adapt to a unique environment. I was placed on the Cabin Camping and Cooking trip with 8 other first-years and 2 trip leaders. My favorite part of the trip was making pancakes and burritos! I also loved dancing at Sklodj (Dartmouth's Skiway Lodge) and meeting new people.

My tripees and I by the lake on our first-year trip.
My friends in my Cabin Camping & Cooking group on our First-Year Trip.

My friend Erika and I in front of the lake on our trip.
My friend Erika and I in front of the lake on our First Year Trip.

    2. S'mores Night

Although this is not necessarily a tradition, orientation leaders held a S'mores night for first-year students to roast marshmallows and relax with friends after a long day of orientation programming. 

  1. Twilight ceremony

The twilight ceremony marks the beginning of first-year students' journey at Dartmouth, as students walk from Collis to Bema with lit candles (not a safety hazard, I promise!). It is an initiation ritual that ends orientation programming and welcomes students to Dartmouth's community. 

I'm excited to share more of my Dartmouth adventures with you all as I navigate through the New England winters and walks across the Green!

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