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Two students play with colorful powder, a common celebration of the Caribbean Carnival.

Carnival is a cultural event that unites communities in celebration of their rich history. It is a colorful celebration that erupts over the Caribbean islands with a kaleidoscope of color, pounding rhythms, and unlimited pleasure. And what more delicious way to celebrate this event than with the delectable tastes of Caribbean food?

Four plates of Caribbean food are sitting in the center of a picnic table.
Four plates of Caribbean food!

Imagine yourself basking in the sun outside under blue skies, surrounded by vibrant decor and your joyous friends, with the intriguing sounds of Jamaican reggae filling the air. The scent of jerk chicken, curry chicken, and flaky chicken patties wafts across the festivities, luring festival-goers' taste buds. While your typical carnival Ferris wheel most likely won't be present, the Dartmouth Caribbean Connection club, the Latine Caribbean Council, and the Carnival planning committee ensured that all attendees were well-entertained. 

In the Caribbean, food at Carnival is a celebration of history and custom rather than merely a means of subsistence. Families get together to enjoy big dinners that have been lovingly made and passed down through the centuries; every dish is a living example of the creativity and tenacity of Caribbean cooking. The planning committee took this narrative of community into Dartmouth's version of Carnival. The event was open to the community, informing people about the intricacies of Caribbean culture while entertaining them of the holiday's vibrant characteristics. 

And what would a party be without a little healthy rivalry? As the afternoon goes on, a raffle gives participants the opportunity to win books written by authors who perfectly embody island culture by telling inspiring tales of perseverance and victory. To add even more spice to the celebrations, a lively game of musical chairs offers participants the chance to win cash prizes, making it ideal for individuals with a competitive drive. Additionally, colorful powder was given out towards the end of festivities, adding a burst of color to the event..

Two Dartmouth students throwing colorful powder at each other.
Two Dartmouth students throwing colorful powder at each other, a common Carnival festivity.

The friendships formed and the memories made at Carnival will live long after the final song from the DJ is played. Carnival, after all, is more than simply a holiday; it's an ode to the tenacity, solidarity, and unbreakable ties that bind the Caribbean people together. The Dartmouth community left the celebration with a fresh understanding of the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture. Carnival's spirit is universal, and even though its origins are on the streets of the Caribbean, it was never more apparent than on the Dartmouth College campus.

Three of my friends and I at the end of Carnival's festivities.
My friends and I at the end of Carnival's festivities.

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