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View from a Baker-Berry study room

Before getting to Hanover, I was concerned public display of wealth would be a common thing among students. The sticker price of a Dartmouth education can be intimidating—especially for students coming from low-income families—but the incredible work done by our Financial Aid Office makes money a much smaller concern. And a way in which this happens is through our many student-work opportunities!

If you ever wondered, yes, writing for People Places Pines is my job. All bloggers here applied and were carefully selected to compose the team that works closely with the Admissions Office communications team. Sometimes, it involves more than just writing weekly posts. You might find me taking part in admissions panels, Q&A sessions, or Instagram takeovers. I truly enjoy the time I spend writing here and answering questions from prospective students, since it always makes me realize the small things that really matter on my Dartmouth experience. My blog so far has served as a personal journal, where, at the end of every week, I recollect all the highlights of the past seven days. 

But, besides being a blogger, there are many more things one can do to get some extra pocket money. Some positions I've seen my friends involve working at Novack - one of our cafés that serve Starbucks drinks - or serving as a UGA. Those are Undergraduate Advisors, and every floor is assigned one. You can read more about what this actually encompasses here, from Shuyi's first-hand experience.

I also know people who work at the library reception desk, who serve as ushers for major events and performances on campus, or as teaching assistants for a specific class they've taken before.

If you happen to speak a second language fluently, you can also apply to be a drill instructor. Drill, for the ones who are unfamiliar with it, is an intrinsic part of the Rassias Method - designed by a former Dartmouth professor to improve language learning. You can also check some more information on it here, where I talk about my own experience taking language courses at Dartmouth.

With so many opportunities to work, Dartmouth really tries to foster a community where financial inequalities do not pose a barrier to any student. It is not perfect, for sure, but this is an attempt to set a common ground for us all - which I truly appreciate as a student here.

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