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Antonio's friends at a bakery

Every now and then, I like getting off-campus. Personally, I feel like a change of scenery is always welcome! This weekend, when a friend of mine asked if I was interested in going to a concert with him, I saw the perfect opportunity to take a break from Hanover for the first time this term. 

Right after our classes ended Friday, three of my friends and I took the Dartmouth Coach to Boston, starting our weekend adventure. Although the plan initially seemed to just be attending the show, we ended up deciding to extend our trip for the whole three days. This gave us a chance to explore downtown Boston, do some shopping, and eat at our favourite restaurants!

Antonio's friends at the Coach
View from inside the Coach, the bus that takes students to Boston and NYC!

Living on campus is an incredible experience. I am really happy with the café options we have nearby, the stores down Main Street, and the extremely pretty landscape. However, sometimes it gets tiring to be surrounded by the same environment at all times. Last term, I did a similar trip, heading to visit some of my high school friends in Cambridge and Lexington – two suburbs just outside of Bosotn. During winter break, I took the time to explore all the cities I wanted to visit around here: New York, Amherst, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. As an international student, being able to travel is one of the things I most like to do, and Dartmouth's location is perfect for it. 

This time, it was no different. I not only saw the concert I was so looking forward to, but also got to meet up with some high school friends who go to college in the area, explored museums, and ate the most delicious food! Truly lived my best life as a tourist.

Now, getting back to campus, I am happy I got this time to enjoy and relax with my friends. This term has been quite hectic – academically speaking – and we all deserved this break. Luckily, I don't have that much work to get back to, but I sure am looking forward to classes and being back on campus

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