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Baker Berry library in the snow

I am not joking when I say I am not made for the winter. The lowest temperature I have ever experienced was in Victoria, BC – where I used to study. And, for the ones who don't know: that was known as the warmest place to be in Canada. As a Brazilian, I am used to 365 days of sun. Now, being so far away from the tropics I used to call home, experiencing real winter at Dartmouth has been an experience!

Even before leaving campus for winter break, when the first snow had started to settle, I was already getting worried about how I would go through three months of this. But, to be honest, it is nothing to be scared of. Despite my runny nose, being on campus has been lots of fun this season. Every pile of snow is an invitation for you to jump on, and every group of two or more friends is enough to initiate a snowball fight. 

Besides all that I do individually to make winter fun, the Dartmouth community also puts a lot of effort into making this one of the greatest times of the year. Coming up in a few weeks we have the traditional Winter Carnival – an event I am truly looking forward to. Each year, a committee of volunteer students and staff are brought together to create the ice sculptures that decorate our campus. 

If I'm being honest, staying in has also been a great getaway: I get to spend much of my time just chilling at one of my friends' dorms, or in one of the many public indoor social spaces on campus. And exploring the multitude of activities one can do inside is really fun too. From quiet study sessions to binge watching our favourite TV shows and playing videogames, all of these opportunities make winter not only bearable, but really fun to experience as a newcomer. 

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