A picture of the Dartmouth Green in the Fall with beautiful fall foliage.
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A picture of sunflower paintings at Hanover's Howe Library
A picture of the river where students go to swim and hang out.
A picture of me in the Dartmouth Greenhouse next to a magenta orchid.
A picture of various green foliage in the Dartmouth Greenhouse.
A picture of cute interior of My Brigadeiros in town.
A picture of me holding a colorful umbrella my friend and fellow blogger, Chelsea Mills, let me borrow.
A picture of me taking advantage of great weather and taking a nap on the Green.
A picture of some student musicians serenading me (& the rest of the green)!
A picture of one of my favorite Collis Specials: shrimp noodle bowl!

Things I've been loving this Spring term (in no particular order):

  • Naps on the Green 
  • Silly FOCO (1953 Commons dining hall) late night conversations 
  • Collis lotus cheesecake
  • The new minute maid mango agua fresca
  • Iced Oat Vanilla Matcha from Novack
  • Meandering from my usual spots to explore places like the Howe library in town
  • Taro boba milk teas from Hanover's 4U Bubble Tea shop
  • (I promise it's not all food) 
  • Trips to the Dartmouth Greenhouse at the top floor of the Life Sciences Center (especially the warm orchid room)
  • Yummy Collis specials like the shrimp noodle bowl
  • Sunbathing & reading by the river
  • Being serenaded with Mexican Music on the Green by fellow students 
  • Vitamin waters (tropical citrus & kiwi strawberry)
  • Treating myself with pão de queijos (brazilian cheese bread) from My Brigadeiro in town
  • Spontaneously running into friends on the Green & playing spikeball
  • Sweet friends who rescue me from the rain & lend me their umbrella
  • Shabazz (African & African American Living Learning Community) community dinners 

Ok, now that I look back, a lot of that was food...

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