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I love food and cultural-oriented food as well, so what's there to eat at Dartmouth?

A: Adrian Chimboza '25

If the world can be explored through its flavors, Dartmouth promises a voyage of epic proportions. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of New Hampshire, Dartmouth's culinary offerings weave a tale of global traditions, student passions, and local bounty. Let's embark on this detailed epicurean journey.

1.  Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS): Where Every Meal Offers a Story

Class of 1953 Commons ("Foco"):

The Setting: Inspired by grand European dining halls, with sections dedicated to varied world cuisines.

Daily Offerings: Beyond the staples, Foco takes pride in its themed international nights. A monthly calendar ensures you can plan for your favorites!

Deep Dive: On Italian night, you don't just get pizza and pasta. Expect regional specialties from Sicily, Lombardy, and Tuscany, to name a few.

Collis Café:

Atmosphere: Picture a bustling European market square. Ideal for long chats, study breaks, and of course, food explorations.

Notable Offerings: Custom-made salads, smoothies, and a special section dedicated to vegan and vegetarian delights.

Deep Dive: Collis regularly collaborates with international student associations, hosting evenings where students prepare and share dishes from their homeland.

The Courtyard Café in the Hopkins Center ("The Hop"):

Vibe: Art meets culinary. A space echoing with creativity.

Must-Haves: Artisanal sandwiches, and their in-house bakery items are legendary.

Deep Dive: The café often introduces dishes influenced by the performances at The Hop, making dining a thematic experience.

2.  Cultural Culinary Galas: A Canvas of Global Traditions

Diwali Feast:

The Backdrop: A luminous space reminiscent of an Indian palace courtyard.

Signature Offerings: Samosas, butter chicken, aromatic biryanis, and the creamy dessert rasmalai.

Deep Dive: Traditional music, dance performances, and even henna tattooing stations make it an evening to remember.

Lunar New Year Banquet:

Ambiance: Evoking Beijing's festive streets with reds, golds, and lanterns galore.

Star Dishes: Dim sum assortments, hot pots, and the sweet delicacy, nian gao.

Deep Dive: Interactive stations teach calligraphy, paper crafting, and other traditions.

3.  Beyond Campus: Hanover's Eateries Crafting Stories with Flavors

Lou's Restaurant:

Vibe: Classic American diner with hints of world influence.

Specials: Seasonal ingredients make their way into globally-inspired dishes. Think maple-glazed salmon with a side of Japanese-inspired slaw.

Deep Dive: Lou's is not just a restaurant; it's a Hanover institution. Their breakfast rituals are something Dartmouth students and alumni bond over.

Base Camp Café:

Setting: Himalayan warmth meets modern style.

Signature Dishes: Savor the rich, layered flavors of their thukpa (noodle soup) and the fiery yet delightful chilli momos.

Deep Dive: They host Nepali cultural nights, complete with folk music and dance.

4.  Students at the Culinary Helm: Passionate Ventures and Pop-Ups

Food-Forward Student Groups: From the Dartmouth Culinary Society hosting workshops to cultural associations running pop-ups, students are at the heart of Dartmouth's dynamic food scene.

Special Nights: Remember the evening when the Korean Students Association took over a dining hall for a K-pop and kimchi night? Or when Latinx students showcased a salsa evening, both dance, and sauce? Such events are hallmarks of Dartmouth's vibrant community.

Dartmouth's Food Journey

Food at Dartmouth is a celebration, an education, and a bridge between cultures. It's a reflection of the community's spirit, diverse, vibrant, and ever-evolving. As you traverse through Dartmouth, remember to let your tastebuds wander as freely as your academic pursuits.

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