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Who is your favorite professor at Dartmouth and why?

A: Adrian Chimboza '25

This is a tough question and a tough decision to make because all the professors that I have had the opportunity to interact with are wonderful, funny, and thoughtful individuals. However, if I could choose one professor, I would go with Dr. Melinda Petre. She is my professor for Econ 1 (The Price System: Analysis, Problems, and Policies) this winter (2022). "Why is she your favorite?", one might ask. She is the first professor at Dartmouth who introduced me to a plethora of academic resources that allowed me to explore what I am passionate about in the field of economics, which is development economics. In the first two weeks of my winter term, she connected me with Professor Eric Edmonds, who is another another awesome professor who teaches Econ 24: Development Economics. He took me to Lou's Restaurant for free breakfast. Yes, free! He helped me understand more about development economics and what career paths one can take after attaining an economics degree. Dr. Petre also referred me to a number of phenomenal and well-thought-out senior students who have the same interests as me and are also majoring in Economics. These senior students are now act as mentors who are helping me navigate Dartmouth as a potential Economics major. Apart from the people she has helped me connect with, Dr. Petre is an articulate, highly qualified, and organized professor who loves teaching and specifically introducing students to the field of Economics.

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